Ride Times for the XC Windchase Derby, August 30, 2020


Hi Everyone,
     Below are the updated Ride Times. As earlier notifications said, we have moved the Derby to the rain date of Sunday Aug 30, due to Hurricane Laura potentially bringing bad weather for tomorrow. Rain is expected, but it does not look too severe or heavy, so the weather and footing should be excellent on Sunday.
     For those who are unable to attend Sunday, we are running tomorrow afternoon, hopefully after the rain has passed. If you did not contact me, I have put you down for Sunday when the main Derby will take place.

     If you missed the notice and have a problem with Sunday, contact me right away and I can still work you in for Saturday afternoon. Email me at pwindchase73@gmail.com, or text 540-454-3834. If I don’t hear from you, I will plan on you for Sunday.
     Contact me if I have gotten anything wrong with your entry, and I can fix it.
     The course is open for walking, or can be walked during the completion.

     Jose, our wonderful farm hand and Course Builder, has done a super job getting the course ready. There will be a Course Builder Tip Jar at the check in, if you would like to make a small contribution to show him our appreciation.

     Contact me if you have any questions or conflicts.


# Time Rider Horse Division
1 3:05 Alexander Friend Melissa's Gal E
2 3:10 Mary Smith Barnaby E - Pairs
3 3:10 Bella Faenza Mr Personality E - Pairs
4 3:25 Martha Figueroa Winnnie BN
5 3:28 Samantha Schutz Amarie BN
6 3:45 Anna Ferrin Tucker's Paradise N
7 3:48 Veronica Castro Raven N


    Elementary/Intro Division      
# Time Rider Horse Division
11 11:00 Elizabeth Brothers Artigo E
12 11:03 Blair Dunleavy Virginia Gentleman E 
13 11:06 Mia Francis Not Guilty E
14 11:09 Kelsey Ramsburger Cyrus E
15 11:12 Rebecca Nielson Max's Painted Moon E
16 11:15 Mekenzie Strate Mr. Amigo E
12 11:18 Blair Dunleavy  (extra round) Virginia Gentleman E
17 11:21      
18 11:24      
    Junior Elementary/Intro Division      
# Time Rider Horse Division
19 11:27 Gillian Smith Juno Junior E
20 11:30 Sophia Prevett Uno Junior E
21 11:33 Carolinie Savage Pistol Junior E
22 11:36 Kieley Baker Lady of Mischeif Junior E
23 11:39      
24 11:42      
    Elementary/Intro Pairs    
# Time Rider Horse Division
25 11:45 Candace Boissy Dava E - Pairs
26   Terri Turner Smith Mr. Darcy E - Pairs
27 11:49 Kati Nardi Glassview's Star Trekker  E
28   Brenda Howell Hamlet E - Pairs
29 11:53 Jen Sullivan Midnight E - Pairs
30   Lauren Johnson Indian Summer (Apache) E - Pairs
31 11:57 Adam Cope Mayberry Moonshine E - Pairs
32   Krysta Paradis - extra round The Flying Fox E - Pairs
29 12:01 Jen Sullivan - extra round   Midnight E - Pairs
30   Lauren Johnson - extra round Indian Summer (Apache) E - Pairs
33 12:05 Katherine Forbes Irish Lad E - Pairs
34   Lizzie Hines Boss E - Pairs
35 12:09      
    Beginner Novice      
# Time Rider Horse Division
36 12:21 Morgan Krens Empires Simply Elegant BN
37 12:24 Patricia Sims Winter is Coming BN
38 12:27 Nora Muckerman So It Goes BN
39 12:30 Laura Kiff Hunter BN
40 12:33 Kurt Martin Forgotten Lore BN
41 12:36 Mila Jelenic Jump Street Hero BN
42 12:39 Meaghan Richmond Scarborough Fair BN
44 12:42 Morgan Krens Tempting Butterscotch BN
45 12:45      
46 12:48      
    Beginner Novice Pairs    
47 12:51 Erika Offutt Midas BN - Pairs
48   Alexis Leonard Kindred Spirit BN - Pairs
49 12:55 Devon Sutherland Face BN - Pairs
50   Christi Whitehead Leawood BN - Pairs
51 12:59 Savannah Brunkow Starlight BN
52   Tracey McGrath Reiver BN
# Time Rider Horse Division
53 1:18 Mary Beth Jaffee My Big Comfy Couch N
54 1:24 Rebecca Hadden Whistle N
55 1:27 Regan Hofmann Hobie N
56 1:30 Peytie Klein Vinnie N
57 1:33 Andrea Courson Itsy Bitsy Betty N
58 1:36 Emily Graeser Puff Piece N
59 1:39 Jessie Doernberger Where's My Tail N
60 1:42 Kurt Martin Never the Less N
61 1:45 Grace Clark Rona N
62 1:48 Ophelia Hadden Daphne N
63 1:51 Erika Offutt Wrangler N
64 1:54 Lance LeClaire Missy Clare N
65 1:57 Jo LeClaire Rose N
    Novice Pairs    
66 2:06 Jessie Doernberger Where's My Tail N - Pairs
34   Krysta Paradis  The Flying Fox N - Pairs
# Time Rider Horse Division
67 2:34 Cindi Moravec Holloway T/M
68 2:30 Peytie Klein Archie T/M
69 2:38 Jill Adriani Lindyhop T/M
70 2:41 Tara Swersie Chaz T/M


The Divisions are as follows:

Elementary/Intro: Green numbers - approximately 2130 meters (1.32 miles) at 275 meters/minute. Fences not to exceed 2’3.

Beginner Novice: Blue numbers - approximately 2130 meters (1.32 miles) at 325 meters/minute. Fences not to exceed 2’7.

Novice: Brown numbers - approximately 2490 meters (1.55 miles) at 375 meters/minute. Fences not to exceed 2’11.

: Black numbers - approximately 2490 meters (1.55 miles) speed 425 meters/minute. Fences not to exceed 3’4.

PAIRS - Two horse/rider combinations go out together. Mixed pairs are fine and can jump different heights; choose which division Optimum Time you want to aim for.
     Please be very diligent in Covid protocols and Social Distancing. Masks must be worn whenever you are not mounted, if you are within 20 feet of other people, and please avoid close exposure to anyone that is not in your family group.

     The Derby will be judged on Jumping Penalties and Closest to Optimum Time. Time penalties for being either over or under the Optimum Time will be assessed at .5 of a point per second. Horses will be started at three minute intervals.
     The courses are designed to be inviting and horse-friendly. Jumps are flagged and numbered for each level. Elementary/Intro will have green numbers, Beginner Novice will have blue numbers, Novice will have brown numbers, and and Training will have black numbers.

     There are options at most of the fences; riders may jump fences that are one level below or one level above the level they are riding at. This means Elementary riders may jump the BN fences, BN may jump Elementary or Novice fences, Novice may jump BN or Training fences, and Training may jump Novice fences. There will be some flagged Alternate Fences for a few of the jumps on Novice and BN where there might not be an appropriate lower level fence – look for the diagonal black stripe on the flag to indicate this.
     The Elementary/Intro division has very small and easy Intro options at each fence; if you are solid Elementary you will likely want to jump many of the smaller BN fences.
     Based on this, if you wish change divisions, let me know right away and I can do that.

     Each Refusal will incur 20 penalties. We will not score more than two refusals at any one jumping effort. Missing or skipping a fence will be 20 penalties. Knocking down a rail is 4 penalties. We will try not to eliminate anyone, unless they seem unsafe. A fall of Rider will be 30 penalties; they may continue after a fall unless we feel there are safety issues. 
There is no penalty for jumping one level below or above. There is no penalty for jumping a fence twice, if you wish to school it again.
Penalties may be given for ‘Willful Delay of Time,’ such as walking or circling before or after the last fence before crossing the finish.

     For Pairs, time will start when the first horse crosses the start flags, and stop when the 2nd horse crosses the finish. It is fine if you jump different options. You will use the Optimum Time for whichever division you entered as a pair.

     Some of you have signed up for a second round. If you have not but wish to go again after you ride, you can sign up for a second round on the day for $30. However, only the first round will count toward prizes.

IMPORTANT:  There will be no food concession on the ground, so please bring your own food and drinking water. There will be water available to fill buckets for your horse. There is a bathroom you may use in the barn. Please do not enter the stables other than the bathroom.

Please follow strict Social Distancing covid protocols. If in the last 14 days you have been exposed to anyone who shows symptoms or tests positive for Covid, or if you have experienced a fever or any covid symptoms, please do not come to Windchase. Let me know if you have had such exposure, and I will refund your entry fee.

Masks must be worn whenever you are not mounted, if you are within 20 feet of other people. Please follow this strictly. Non-compliance to mask wearing may result in you being asked to leave the premises.

     Our address is: 36502 Kidwell Road, Hillsboro (or Purcellville), VA 20132
IMPORTANT: Enter "Windchase, Kidwell Road, Hillsboro, VA" in your Googlemaps GPS. 

If you put in the street address, the GPS will sometimes direct people to turn onto Piney Run Road instead of Kidwell. DO NOT DO THIS!  Please be sure to turn off of 671, the Harpers Ferry Road, onto Kidwell Road. (Piney Run Lane is about a quarter mile north of Kidwell.)

When you turn up Kidwell Road, we are the 4th drive on the right. The number is 36502, and it says Windchase on the mailbox and rock sign. At the house, bear left and go back past the lake to the stables. Please drive slowly and watch for speed bumps and dogs. Parking will be in the large paddock past the barn and the sand ring; people or signs will direct you.

IMPORTANT: If you are coming from Leesburg or the East and traveling up Route 9, there is ongoing construction in Hillsboro, and Route 9 may be closed entirely in Hillsboro.  

To avoid this construction, if you are traveling from the East or thge Leesburg area, stay on Route 7 to Round Hill, and cut through on 719 north (Woodgrove Rd), then follow this to Route 9, where you will turn left – you will be west of Hillsboro, thereby missing the construction. From there, right at the light on 671 (Harpers Ferry Road), and left on Kidwell.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can take Route 9 to Route 287, turn right at the light on 287 and take it to Brunswick, get on 340 West for a couple of miles, then left on 671 the Harpers Ferry Road, and right on Kidwell Road.

     If you are not familiar with these detours, Email me and I can send you more detailed info and maps.

     Please email Phyllis at pwindchase73@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.


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Contact Phyllis Dawson at Windchase
E-mail: pwindchase73@gmail.com
Phone: 540- 668-6024 stable, 540-454-3834 cell, 540- 668-6548 home
Address: 36502 Kidwell Road, Hillsboro, VA  20132  USA

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E-mail: pwindchase73@gmail.com
Phone: (540) 668-6024 stable,  (540) 454-3834 cell,  (540) 668-6548 home
Address: 36502 Kidwell Road, Purcellville, VA  20132  USA