Join us for the Windchase 2021 XC Derby!


Come join us for the 2021 Windchase Cross-country Derby on September 4 2021. (Rain Date will be Sept 5)
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For more information or questions, E-mail Phyllis Dawson at

Windchase is located on Kidwell Road in Hillsboro, VA. This is a unique chance to ride over the beautiful rolling hills of western Loudoun County, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, while competing in a fun and informal atmosphere. 

The Windchase Cross-Country Derby course will go out across our 100-acre-plus XC course, going from field to field. Courses will be approximately two miles long. Participants may ride individually or in pairs.
The course will include water, banks and ditches, as well as some foxhunting type obstacles. All courses designed to be confidence building and inviting, and you have the option of jumping fences a level lower or higher than your entered division. 
More photos of our XC course can be seen here.

We will have a division for Pairs, where two riders go out together (and hopefully come back together too!), as well as the regular individual classes. 

     Intro/Elementary: Fences not to exceed 23, speed 275 meters/minute
     Beginner Novice: Fences not to exceed 27, speed 325 meters/minute
     Novice: Fences not to exceed 211, speed 375 meters/minute
     Training/Modified: Fences not to exceed 34, speed 425 meters/minute
     PAIRS - Two horse/rider combinations go out together. Choose your jump heights, pairs can be mixed. Choose your optimum time target. 

Classes judged on closest to Optimum Time and jumping penalties. In all divisions, if you choose to jump a lower or higher option that is fine. If you skip a fence altogether that is OK too, a small time penalty will be added to your time. Lead horses will be available if needed.

Ride in the Windchase XC Derby!

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Entries are $80 for pre-entries, or $90 for post entries. 
Second rounds can be added for $40, either in advance or on the day.
Payment for pre-entries must be received by the Wednesday before the Derby.
(A $25 office fee is due if you cancel less than 48 hours before the Derby.)
Approximate ride times will be emailed out several days before the Derby. Divisions run low to high.
E-mail Phyllis Dawson at if you have any questions.
There will be prizes!

ASTM/SEI certified helmets and XC vests are required. Negative coggins within 12 months. A Windchase release form MUST be signed before you ride. Any riders under 18 must have their release form signed by a parent. Water is available on grounds. There will not be a food concession. 

For more info on upcoming clinics and schooling opportunities, see our Strider Link: 

Come Jumping!

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                Click here to download a Windchase Release Form


Contact Phyllis Dawson at Windchase
Phone: 540- 668-6024 stable, 540-454-3834 cell, 540- 668-6548 home
Address: 36502 Kidwell Road, Hillsboro, VA  20132  USA

Ride in the Windchase XC Derby


Windchase Eventing, LLC
Phyllis Dawson
Phone: (540) 668-6024 stable,  (540) 454-3834 cell,  (540) 668-6548 home
Address: 36502 Kidwell Road, Purcellville, VA  20132  USA