Running a farm like Windchase is very definitely a team effort.  Competition Event horses, boarders, horses in training, lessons, schooling, breeding, horses for sale; a stable like ours runs by having a lot of different things going on.  Keeping the barn running efficiently and having success in training and competing horses would not be possible without the help of many people.  The rider is the one who gets the recognition when they do well at big competitions, but equally important are all of those who put in many hours of hard work and care to make it all happen.  I would like to thank all of the people who contribute to the success of Windchase.

            ~ Phyllis Dawson ~

Jineen Reed, manager and trainer at Windchase.
Jineen Reed

Jineen Reed is Windchase's  Stable Manager and Dressage Trainer.  She has been Phyllis's close friend for many years, and has traveled around the world with her to help her at the major International competitions, including  grooming at the Olympics.  Jineen supervises the stable, trains horses, teaches riding, and keeps everything running smoothly.  She is an accomplished rider, trainer and instructor, and is an expert in all aspects of horse care.  Jineen always makes time to help everyone with any problems they might have, and Windchase is extremely lucky to have her in charge.  As the sign in our tackroom reads:  'Do what Jineen says!'

      Molly Kinnamon has joined us as a Windchase Eventing trainer. She is a long time upper level competitor and coach in Area II. Molly is an accomplished competitor through the advanced level, with many successes training both horses and riders. She specializes in developing young horses that are sound in both body and mind, as well as coaching riders of all ages to a deeper understanding of correct basics and strong rider biomechanics. 

 Cla ra Lenhart is also on the  Molly Kinnamon



Clara Lenhart

 Clara Lenhart is valuable member of the training staff at Windchase. Clara grew up in Hillsboro and has been a student at Windchase for years, and we have taken great pleasure in watching her develop into an accomplished rider and trainer. She has a gift for working with the young horses, and is moving up through the levels in her Eventing career. Clara is a great asset to Windchase.

     Jose, farm manager, does an amazing job keeping Windchase beautiful.  Mowing, weeding, repairs, building jumps; you name it, he does it exceptionally.  He even mows the Galloping Field in a crisscross pattern like a golf course that is visible from outer space!  Windchase has never looked so good, and Jose is responsible for this.


Some of Windchase's Working Students

     The Working Students are an extremely important part of the Windchase team.  As well as training and competing their own horses, they are responsible for doing the barn work and caring for all the horses.  They help with the preparation, exercise and conditioning of the event horses, and make sure the boarders are well looked after.  The hard work and dedication of the Working Students help to keep the farm running smoothly and efficiently.

Steve Mayer is the farrier at Windchase.  He shoes all of the Event horses, as well as the young horses in training and most of the boarders' horses.  Keeping the horses feet in good shape when they are working hard is difficult and vital, and Steve gives them the utmost in care.  Steve is an excellent farrier, and an important part of the Windchase team. 

Sadly, Steve passed away in 2020, but his presence lives on at Windchase, and we miss him.


Dr. Sean Bowman

  Dr. Sean Bowman, of the Piedmont Equine Practice, is Windchase's barn veterinarian.  He takes care of Phyllis' Event horses, as well as most of the horses living on the farm.  Between routine maintenance, evaluating soundness, treating problems and dealing with emergencies, Dr. Bowman is responsible for doing everything possible to ensure the soundness and good health of the Windchase horses.  We are lucky to have such exceptional veterinary care.

     The Boarders: Windchase has a super group of boarders who are great fun to be around.  From pleasure riders to serious competitors, they all take the greatest interest in their horses welfare, and are always willing to help out when needed.  (Hopefully we won't have to ask them to shovel the snow off the indoor arena roof too often!)  Having a friendly group of people who love horses is what Windchase is all about.

Grace Dawson  (1920 - 2013)

     Grace Dawson was Phyllis' mother.  She helped Phyllis get Windchase started back in 1986, and over the years  she has been a terrific jump builder, lawn mower, problem solver, troubleshooter, barn builder, tractor repairer, seamstress, cook and ground hog slayer!  Whatever needed to be done, Grace always seemed to know how to do it.   She was an inspiration to all who knew her, and is very much missed.  

Much thanks to our partners, friends, supporters and sponsors.