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June 3, 2017
      Ireland is one of my favorite places in the world to visit, and I am very lucky that my duties on the selection committee have me over here in County Meath this weekend for the Tattersalls Horse Trials. It is an absolutely fabulous event, with CCI and CIC divisions from one-star through three-star, and many of the top riders from all over the world are here. Ian Stark’s cross-country courses are awesome, with many old-fashioned boldness questions, combined with modern technical combinations.

One of the more influential fences the CCI*** cross-country course.

     There is nothing quite like watching fabulous horses galloping over the beautiful Irish countryside. There is a County Fair along with the horse trials, and the whole competition has a friendly and festive atmosphere. I have also been having a great time visiting with friends I have made in Ireland on horse shopping trips over the years.
     One of the most amazing things here is the CCI* for ponies! Open to riders 12 to 16 years of age, it is run over the same course and the same speed as the regular CCI* competitors. The ponies are absolutely beautiful, running and jumping machines – and those kids can ride, too. It was a pleasure and an inspiration to watch; I would love to see a similar program started in the US.

The CCI* for Ponies

       Back on the home front, Windchase horses have done well in recent events. Congratulations to Pedro Gutierrez for winning the Open Preliminary at the Virginia Horse Trials with Unanyme du Loir, and to Rachel Nymeyer for winning the Training at MCTA with Higher Calling.


April 30, 2017
     The Kentucky Horse Park in April. The Rolex Three-Day Event! There is nothing quite like it.
     I first rode at the Horse Park in 1977, in the Young Riders championships. Then from 1979 through to 2001, I think I only missed riding at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event one year. Competing there was always the pinnacle of the season, and just being a part of this fabulous Event was a privilege. Galloping over that hallowed ground is exhilarating, and being lucky enough to do it on a dozen different horses over a 20+ span of years made dreams come true. Now attending as a member of the USEF Selection Committee, as well as a fan of both the sport and the horses, puts it in a very different perspective. For one thing I don’t have that nervous sick feeling in the pit of my stomach like one does when competing! But once again, just being a part of the whole thing is exciting, and the thrill is still there.

     This year’s cross country course, designed by Derek DeGrazia, was fabulous. It was a true four-star, big and galloping, with lots of technical questions; it tested the horses’ boldness, scope, and rideability. Unlike the last two years, the footing was good and the track was fast. The course caused plenty of penalties, but the best horses and riders came out on top. Watching throughout the day, as always I was in awe of the horses; they are such courageous and generous beings, and amazing athletes. It is amazing the things they will do for us.


April 25, 2017
     As exciting as it is to watch and help Cindy and Phoenix Star as they compete at the top levels, it is also fun and rewarding to get the young horses out to th
eir first events. We had a great day at the Loch Moy starter trial this past weekend.
     Cindy rode Windchase Happy Hour in his first Training event, which he won handily, finishing on his dressage score of 17. She also won a Novice division on Galerna Campari Mail and was 4th with Windwalker in his first BN event; see these talented youngsters on the Horses for Sale page.  
In the meantime, we have been enjoying spring at Windchase. This fellow is a frequent visitor on the lake.


April 16, 2017
     Congratulations to Cindy Anderson-Blank and Phoenix Star, who moved up to Advanced Level this past weekend at Fair Hill. Despite a little boo-boo at the second water that incurred a technical elimination, they went great, finished the course, and proved themselves ready for the level.

Cindy and Phoenix in the Advanced at Fair Hill

     The previous weekend we had a successful Event at CDCTA. Cindy and Windchase Ballinvella looked terrific on their way to winning their Training division. Domenica Kujawa also had a great go, finishing second with her Nica’s Last Laugh in the Training. And Windchase Happy Hour went super in the Novice; this talented young horse is ready to move up to Training in his next outing.  

Domenica and Nica's Last Laugh at CDCTA

     Our colt is growing like a weed, and is quite a character. I’m not sure what his formal name will be, but we call him Spoof around the barn, since he was born on April Fool’s day. He is very friendly and outgoing, and loves to run and play.  

     We have a really exciting group of young horses available at the moment. Check them out on our Horses for Sale page.


April 16, 2017
     Easter Morning at Windchase.


April 6, 2017
     We have a new baby! Windchase’s latest arrival is a lovely colt by our late Irish stallion Brandenburg’s Windstar, out of Gold Trinket, a classy TB mare. Windchase is committed to preserving the traditional Irish Sport Horse bloodlines through our breeding program.

     The Event season has started and we are going full throttle. Cindy had a good Intermediate warm-up run down at the Carolina International with Windchase Phoenix Star and Two Tickets, and is now hoping on for bigger and better things.  

Cindy Anderson-Blank and Windchase Phoenix Star

     At Morven Park last weekend, Windchase student Domenica Kujawa had a super go with Nica’s Last Laugh in the training division, jumping double clear. In the novice Morgan McGrath placed third with Indycat, placed 5th with Happy Hour, and Shelby Crowley also had a good ride with Tilly. Now that we have all knocked the winter rust off, we are looking forward to the upcoming competitions.

     And now spring is here in earnest, my favorite time of year. The weather is turning spectacular, and leaves are budding and the flowers blooming. I have a new camera, and I am looking forward to testing it out.


March 16, 2017

     Every year I have the expectation that once we get to the beginning of March, winter will be over and it will be Spring.  And of course, every year, it isn’t. The month of March tends to be quite cold, and we often have snow. But after the amazing winter we have had this year, with warm temperatures and good footing letting us ride outside and even school XC all through January and February, surely, I thought, this year, spring really will be here the first of March. 

      Whoops! Guess I was wrong.


March 6, 2017
     It can be hard to find time to write about my travels and update the website, but I have now posted the journal from my latest adventure, along with many of the best photos. Click here to read about the Costa Rica trip that Jineen and I took in January.


February 15, 2017
     The spring Event Season is just around the corner, and thanks to the mild winter we have been having, the horses (and riders) are more prepared than usual for this time of year. We have been able to ride outside more days than not, and have been galloping and schooling cross-country during January and February. The competitions start up in March and we are looking forward to it!
     The Windchase Winter Jumping Clinics are going great; we would love to have you join us, go here for more info.

     We have a super nice group of horses for sale; click here for more info.


January 31, 201
     Jineen and I had a great trip to Costa Rica recently, and I am writing up my notes and sorting through the photos; hope to have the full report fairly soon. But in the meantime I have been receiving complaints from certain friends (you know who you are!) about slow updates and jumping pigs, so I leave you with this sloth.  


January 26, 2017
     The spring Event Season is just around the corner - get ready by coming to Windchase's winter jumping clinics with Phyllis Dawson.
     For info, visit
     To sign up, go to
     Come Jumping!


January 1, 2017
     Happy New Year!
     Windchase working students and staff celebrate the New Year with the annual Windchase Polar Dive.


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