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By Phyllis Dawson

     We had been standing for some time, watching the angry bull hippo in the water in front of us. He resented the fact that we had parked beside the lagoon
his lagoon - for our tea break, and he let us know it in no uncertain terms. Opening his mouth impossibly wide, he displayed enormous tusk-like canine teeth. Then he reared up out of the water in a great plunging leap, sending a tsunami-like wave across the lagoon. He raised his voice in maniacal honking laughter and then plunged up out of the water again, leaping and breaching like a humpback whale . . .

2019 Botswana Trip Journal:         

    Page 1 - Johannesburg to Savuti 

      Page 2 - Savuti, Chobe National Park

    Page 3 - Savuti, Chobe National Park 

    Page 4 - Savuti, Chobe National Park 

    Page 5 -
Mababe Depression to Khwai
    Page 6 - Khwai to Moremi


  Page 7 - Moremi, Okavango Delta

 Page 8 -
Moremi, Okavango Delta

 Page 9 -
Moremi, Okavango Delta

 Page 10 -
Moremi to Maun to the Kalahari

 Page 11 - The Kalahari Desert

 Page 12 - The Kalahari to Cape Town


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