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Find all the Equestrian clinics and competitions 
from around the country on Strider.

Voltaire Design offers high end custom saddles.
They are a dream to ride in!

Excellent quality horse feeds by Buckeye Nutrition.
Buckeye  feeds keep our horses looking great!

Know Your Ride. Heart monitor system and more from Hylofit
A great help with our fitness work.
The best horse supplements from Grand Meadows
Everything our horses need to be their best.
Stronger Together - Innovative technology-based solutions 
by Equine Tech Collab
Fine boots for the rider by Tucci Time
Very elegant.
Beautiful horse bonnets and more by Snowden Creations
We love these custom products!


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Online Appointment Scheduling by TimeCenter

Piedmont Equine Practice - Windchase's veterinary clinic located in The Plains, VA.  They provide the very best in equine health care and veterinary medicine.  

Destination Eventing - Training stable in Maryland, operated by  Natalie Hollis and Suzannah Cornue.

- The official United States Eventing Association website.

USEA Instructor's Certification Program - The ICP is the U.S. Eventing Association's excellent training program for Eventing Instructors. 

Mike Reed Hay - Virginia based farming operation specializing in the production of quality hay for horses.  E-mail Mike at, or phone 540/668-6706.