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September 9, 2019

     Wow, where did the summer go? And sorry, I am shamefully behind in updating this page.
     One of the things that occupied a good part of my summer was preparing for and hosting a Family Reunion in August for almost 60 relatives. It was really a blast, and we were blessed with perfect weather and cool temperatures. It was so great to get everyone together, both the more immediate siblings and the extended family of cousins and such. And we got to spend time with two new babies in the family that we had not even met before! My niece Heather was here for a week and got a chance to jump the iconic Windchase Oxer by the lake. Windchase is a perfect gathering place, and I am very lucky to be part of a really great family.

Heather jumps the Windchase Oxer!

     On the competition front, we had a little lull during late July and August, but are now getting back in full swing for the autumn season. Cindy rode Windchase Phoenix Star, my homebred Irish Sport Horse, at Seneca Valley this past weekend; he was really happy to get back to competition after missing a year from an injury.

Phoenix is happy to be back in competition.

     We have a great group of sales horses at the moment. This month we are featuring Reveille, a talented 6 year old who won the Open Training at Seneca last weekend with Cindy. Look for this lovely young horse and many others on our Horses for Sale page.

Reveille, offered For Sale


July 16, 201
     The Maryland Horse Trials ran the last two weekends back to back, and Windchase horses and riders had successful outings.
     Cindy and
MHS Cooley Vegas (a.k.a. Greg) had a great run jumping clear around a very difficult Intermediate XC course the first weekend, and Cindy also went well in the Preliminary with our homebred 6 year old, Windchase Faberge Star.
     Morgan McGrath ran both weekends, at Training and then Modified, with both her longtime partner Mizz Indy Cat, and her brand new acquisition, Windchase Alcor, another of our homebreds. Morgan is fast forming a good partnership with Alcor, and it is fun to watch.

Amy and Marco at the Maryland Horse Trials

     Amy Faison rode Virginia Costaís lovely Warmblood, Marco, in his first recognized event in the Novice, and had a super run, finishing second. Marco is enjoying his career change; he is a former successful show hunter, but finds Eventing a lot more fun.


June 24, 2019
     I was lucky enough to get to go to Germany for the Luhmuhlen CCI5*-L for the USEF Selection Committee week before last, and it was really a lot of fun. I had not been to Germany before, and I really liked it a lot. It is super to watch the top European riders in action, and learn from the very best.

     On the home front, Congratulations MHS Cooley Vegas (a.k.a. Greg); Cindy successfully moved him up to Intermediate at Seneca Valley two weeks ago. And Windchase Faberge Star went great in the Prelim at Middleburg as well. They are both very talented horses and we expect great things ahead. 
     Other recent successes for Windchase include Amy Faison winning the BN at Middleburg with Nicola Haslingís Reiver, and Karen Eichert winning at Surefire this past weekend with her own Trumbull. Go Team Windchase!


June 2, 2019
     Because several of the competition horses had minor injuries this spring, our competition season has been slightly less hectic than usual. Cindy has been campaigning MHS Cooley Vegas (a.k.a. Greg) and Windchase Faberge Star, but several of the others are on R&R. They at the Virginia Horse Trials, with Greg going great to place
5th in the Preliminary; he will move up to Intermediate at his next outing. Faberge also moved up to Prelim at VAHT, and she just ate up the XC course and thought it was the best thing ever. Sarah Wyssen completed her first CCI** with Gucci, and Jean Bowman had a great go in the Modified with her Wahoo Legal.

Cindy and MHS Cooley Vegas (a.k.a. Greg) at VAHT

     In the meantime, we have a really spectacular group of young horses offered For Sale. We have several excellent experienced horses, as well as some fabulous youngsters, including some of our homebreds.

Windchase Starfire, offered For Sale

     Also, don't forget to visit the Windchase Eventing page on Facebook!


May 1, 2019
     Windchase has had a busy start to the spring event season. We took a bunch of students and young horses to both the March and April starter trials at Loch Moy, and everyone went well. Congratulations to Windchase working student Rachael Roae, who won at both Events with Dominique Gilbertís Leopold.

Rachael Roae and Leopold

     Cindy had a great go at Fair Hill with both the Windchase Syndicateís MHS Cooley Vegas in the Preliminary, and our homebred youngster Windchase Faberge Star in the training. Both of these promising horses are looking to move up soon. Sarah Wyssen also went well in the Prelim on Gucci.

     In the meantime, I am unfortunately temporarily grounded from riding because I managed to break my arm. I would like to have a great story of how the injury happened during heroic deeds or riding rank horses, but the sad truth is I slipped on the wet stones on my patio and took a header off of it, breaking my humerus and requiring surgery.

Polaris and Sarah Gumbiner, jumping into the Head of the Lake at KY

     Despite having my arm in a sling, I was able to go to Kentucky for the Landrover CIC-L 5-star on behalf of the Selection Committee. It was great fun watching some of the best horses and riders in the world compete over Derek DiGrasiaís awesome cross-country course. I was particularly proud to watch Polaris go around with owner/rider Sarah Gumbiner, as I bred and started this lovely Irish Sport Horse. They had one of the best cross-country rounds of the day.


April 1, 2019

     We are pleased to announce the opening of the Windchase Tiki Bar and Spa. 

Welcome to the Windchase Tiki Bar and Spa.

     In an effort to offer full services to our boarders and clients, we are always trying to upgrade our facility. Most of the renovations are complete, and we will be open for business immediately, anticipating a rush of customers as soon as the weather warms up enough for beachwear. Come join us for Fun in the Sun!

Grainne eyes the live fish in the Spa.

     The new residents of Windchase include live fish in the tackroom spa, and a large flock of flamingoes. 


March 19, 20
Spring. My favorite time of the year. The grass is turning green, the trees are just starting to bud out, and the sun has been shining. After a long wet winter riding in the indoor arena, it is so nice to be schooling out in the fields and on the cross-country courses again. Event Season, here we come!


March 10, 2019
     On our recent safari in Botswana, we saw many amazing things. While our land cruiser was crossing a plain, the carmine bee-eaters swooped and circled around the vehicle to catch the insects that flew up in front of it. I was able to catch this fellow grabbing his lunch.



March 5, 2019

     I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Africa. A group of friends and I went on a two week mobile camping safari in Botswana, visiting Savuti, the Okavanga Delta and the Kalahari Desert. This is the third time I have done a similar mobile safari, and this one was probably the best one yet. We had the same guide we had before, Gee, and he showed us an amazing time. We saw tons of wildlife, and I took many thousands of photos. As in the past, I will (eventually) write up a detailed trip report with photos to post, but it will take me months to get it done, so you will have to wait a bit. But in the meantime, I will post a few photos from the trip to give a preview.


February 1, 2019
     The Polar Vortex has been upon us, and like much of the country we have been enduring freezing temperatures and sub-zero wind-chill. Groundhogs Day is tomorrow, so we will see what old Punxsutawney Phil has to say about whether the end is in sight.

Punxsutawney Phil

     I, however, am going somewhere warm. Jineen and I leave early Monday Morning for a mobile camping safari in Botswana. shows it is in the nineties there this week; I am ready for some warm. I canít wait to get back to the bush and see the wildlife; a group of us will be going with the same guide we have been on safari with before. I will tell you about it when I get back.
     In the meantime, I am lucky to have a super staff to run Windchase while we are gone. Much thanks to Cindy Anderson-Blank and Amy Faison for keeping everything going, along with Jean Bowman, and working students Heather, Nikki, Rachael and Sarah. Also thanks to our excellent farmhand, Jose, who keeps Windchase in top shape. We are lucky to have such an exceptional team at Windchase Eventing.


January 1, 2019
     Happy 2019! The Windchase Team celebrates with the Annual Windchase New Yearís Day Polar Dive.


December 28, 2018
     Time sure flies; Christm
as has come and gone already, and the year is quickly coming to a close. We welcome the dawning of 2019, and hope for peace and good fortune in the New Year.

Sunset over Windchase


December 1, 2018

A bit of Windchase Fun. Here is a look at the First Annual Windchase Bareback Puissance!


November 22, 2018     
Happy Thanksgiving!

     As always, I am thankful for all of Natureís beauty around me, and grateful that I get to live and work in such a beautiful, magical place as Windchase.
     I am also lucky to have a super staff and working students, and thankful to have such a great group of people to work with.

Left to right: Kyle, Nikki, Amy, Sarah, Cindy, Heather, Morgan, Little Pete, and Jean. Wearing their Holiday finery for the Windchase Bareback Puissance!


November 17, 2018
     The Windchase Winter Jumping Clinics are starting up this coming Saturday, November 24. After that they will be held on Sundays throughout the winter.  For dates and more info, go to our Jumping Clinics page To sign up, go to this link: 

How to school safely

     Come Jumping!


November 17, 2018
     Windchase Magic in Autumn.


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