Botswana and Zimbabwe - Index Page
July-August 2015
by Phyllis Dawson

As the bull elephant moved toward us, I was amazed by how little sound his footfalls made. How could something so large move over the ground so silently? And standing in front of him, at ground level without the security of being in the vehicle, I came to fully appreciate the fact that elephants are big. Really big.
     Suddenly he became aware of us, and he was not pleased by our presence. He raised his trunk, flapped his huge ears, and moved toward us aggressively. Time stopped. Side-stepping, he waved his trunk in the air and trumpeted, and quickly narrowed the distance between us to less than twenty feet.  I felt a surge of adrenaline, and it occurred to me that he could flatten us like bugs if he chose to. And it looked like he just might decide to do it! 

AFRICA 2015 Journal:

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Page 7 - Chobe, Botswana

Page 8  - Chobe and Khwai, Botswana

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Page 10 - Khwai and Moremi, Botswana

Page 11 - Moremi, Botswana

Page 12 - Moremi, Botswana

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